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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this change affect me, can I still trade on my account?

Yes, the change is only in the legal name and the trade name. Nothing else changes and you can trade on your account as normal.

Are my investments safe?

Yes, all the funds are safe as before. CASS rules apply as before so if your funds are segregated we will continue doing so.

How will this change affect me as a client?

You remain the client of our entity under the same terms and conditions/client agreement. The only difference is our legal name and the brand. The company number and the Financial Conduct Authority reference numbers remain unchanged.

If I have a specific agreement with you, is this going to change?

All the terms of the agreements remain unchanged.

Is the client agreement (Terms and Conditions) going to change as the name has?

No, the terms remain unchanged.

Will your address/contact details remain the same under the new name?

Our registered address remains unchanged. The contact details are changing to contact@finalto.com. Our website address also changed to www.finaltotrading.com

Will you change your prices/fees?

No, we do not intend to change any prices and/or fees.

Does this affect my terms and conditions?

There have been no changes to Terms and Conditions for any clients or suppliers

Your current login is still valid. Password will be the same.

How do I login to my account, will this change?

This will depend on whether you use the Desktop / Mobile / Online

Desktop – still the same until the new version is ready.

Mobile – still the same until the new version is ready.

Online – URL will change from https://live.tradetechalpha.com to https://live.finaltotrading.com when the new version is ready. This redirect should be seamless when it is released.

Estimated release date: 31 Jan 2021

How will my transactions with you be shown on my bank statements?

Your banking statement will start reflecting our new company name.

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